VAUDEVILLE ETIQUETTE Samstag, 4. März 2017

Vaudeville Etiquette (USA)

Psychedelic Folk Rock from Seattle, WA

Album Aura Vista Motel out 06th May 2016

On Tour in Europe Feb. – March. 2017


Vaudeville Etiquette’s dynamic sound pushes the boundaries of folk and psych-rock, with grit, passion, and come-hither wit. The Seattle quintet fills timeless melodies with modern lyrics, heady harmonies, and a potent country-meets-classic-rock chemistry. Their live performances are magnetic and provocative. With duo lead vocals from Tayler Lynn & Bradley Laina accompanied by Matt Teske’s wailing pedal steel, the band dives from energetic anthems to wistful ballads and back again with psychedelia and fearless improvisation.

Aura Vista Motel the sophomore album from Seattle folk-rock quintet, Vaudeville Etiquette, emerges from the haunted spirit of the old motel that now serves as the band’s headquarters. The 11 songs on Aura Vista Motel are each as dynamic and unique as the former guests of its namesake, sweeping from cinematic anthems, siren songs, and soulful lullabies, to psych-rock borne of late nights and long roads. 

The album was produced by Shawn Simmons (The Head And The Heart, Lemolo) and recorded at Studio Litho in Seattle, WA.




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